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Wedding DJ (photography)

With weddings in particular, we are often the first to arrive and the last to leave. This affords us the opportunity to capture much of the day on camera and whilst we don’t consider ourselves professional photographers, we are in the habit of capturing some very nice images – both videos and digital photographs. We will often supply these images free-of-charge after the event (on disc) and can arrange to project these and other images (in a variety of creative ways) during the wedding breakfast and wedding reception. In this way, a wedding DJ gallery can share wedding experiences with evening guests who have not been present for the whole wedding. Our wedding DJ stands have video/image projection built it or we can scale things up with professional back projection via an arch mounted screen, complete with fairy lights if you like. Our experience is that a professional wedding photographer will often leave just after the first dance, thus missing the party photographic opportunities that always present themselves in the final few hours of a wedding reception. 

Back-up wedding photographer

In essence, we can provide ‘back-up’ wedding photography, with particular attention to ‘behind-the-scenes’ photography before guests have arrived, along with images/videos captured during the evening, when the official wedding photographer has already left for the day. Images can be posted to Facebook for everyone to access or can be provided after the event via Dropbox or on disc. In addition, we are happy to recommend a number of professional wedding photographers.

Get in touch

To discuss your wedding ideas, call us on 0800 072 3718 or click here for further contact options and without any obligation, we are more than happy to meet up for an hour or so.