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We often provide professional DJ quality music for wedding ceremonies and whilst this is part of our all-day wedding DJ service, it can be booked stand-alone. We can add ambience and character to a wedding ceremony by playing a personal play-list. We can record the wedding ceremony (both audio and video) for later use, perhaps at the wedding reception or during a couples first dance. Sometimes we mix audio from the ceremony (perhaps a couples wedding vows) with the first dance track, thus creating a truly bespoke and personal wedding day moment.

Music that was been professionally mixed, versus the stop/start nature of tracks via a CD player or MP3, adds significant polish to a wedding ceremony and all geared to enhancing both the moment and the memories that follow.

To discuss wedding ceremony DJ options and how this service could compliment other parts of your wedding day, please get in touch today on 0800 072 3718 or click here for other contact options.

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