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Every wedding deserves the attention of a professional all day wedding DJ and host. With a once in a lifetime event, there are no second chances! A specialist wedding DJ will apply attention to every detail, bringing personalised ceremony, fun and polish to every aspect of the day. The planning, preparation and time invested with this very bespoke DJ/host service turns wedding dreams into wedding realities, delivering a day of enduring memories to last a lifetime.

Our all-day wedding DJ and hosting service is for couples whose wedding day vision far exceeds the ‘off-the-shelf’, ‘one size fits all’ wedding-day conveyor-belt being delivered by some providers. Let us help you to deliver the wedding of your dreams!

To learn more about how our all-day wedding DJ and host services could bring some extra special ceremony to your special day, please call us today on 0800 072 3718 or click here for further contact options.

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'wow-factor' moments

From professionally mixed wedding ceremony music, through an uplifting grand entrance, to a beautifully staged first dance and reception finale, our all-day wedding DJ service will ensure that every aspect of the day is planned, designed and delivered to match what you have imagined. Full tradition and ceremony can be brought to cutting your wedding cake, along with fun bridal party ice breakers and your love-story narrated to deliver an emotional high-point and unique-to-you ‘wow’ factor. This is not your average wedding DJ service!

With our all-day wedding DJ services, guests will not see any of the setting up – with lighting, speakers, cables and sound systems all in place and sound-checked long before they arrive. In our humble opinion, for weddings more than any other event, early set-up is essential as there is nothing worse than a DJ arriving late to the party and in full view of everyone. Conversely, a beautifully laid out wedding venue with your wedding DJ already installed, minimises last minute oversights, resulting in less stress and a far more harmonious atmosphere.

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